I Love Dogs & I Love Cats - Personalized Charm Bracelet


If she's a dog and/or cat lover, she'll LOVE this beautiful glass charm bracelet! Choose your charms from our 40+ ready-made and personalized charms, to create your one-of-a-kind beautiful glass charm bracelet.

Choose your bracelet size and style! Each bracelet is handcrafted to order and arrives in a lavender organza bag.

    Classic 8 Charm Bracelets:

    • Our 8 charm bracelet is 6 3/4” - 8 3/4” and fits most teens and adults
    • Glass charms are approximately 9/16" in diameter
    • Silver-colored metal
    • 2" chain extender to adjust the size (may be trimmed or removed completely)
    • Neutral/multicolored background
    • Silver-colored metal
    • Dangling paw print charm (not shown)
    • Adjustable bracelet with lobster claw clasp



    There are 42 charms to choose from. See the images for examples of the charms:

    Life Whole (Dog or Cat):
    Dogs aren’t my whole life, they make life whole.
    Cats aren’t my whole life, they make life whole.

    Perfect World (Dog or Cat):
    In a perfect world, every dog would have a home, and every home would have a dog.
    In a perfect world, every cat would have a home, and every home would have a cat.

    Beneath This Roof:
    A wagging tail, a friendly woof, bring joy to all, beneath this roof.

    Four-Legged Word:
    LOVE is a four-legged word.

    Only Thing On Earth:
    A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than itself.

    Changes Everything:
    Every once in awhile a dog enters your life and changes everything.

    The best therapist has fur and four legs.

    Purrr-fect Day:
    Create your purrr-fect day!

    Delight ini the simple joy of a long nap

    People I Meet:
    The more people I meet, the more I love my cat.

    Cat Lady

    Purr Their Way:
    Cats can purr their way out of anything

    Meow (with cat face)

    Dogs (in heart)

    My Dog (in heart)

    My Dogs (in heart)

    I Love My Dog

    I Love My Dogs

    Warm Puppy or Kitten:
    Happiness is a warm puppy
    Happiness is a warm kitten

    Dog or Dogs Cooler Than Yours:
    My dog is cooler than your dog!
    My dogs are cooler than your dogs!

    Paved With Pawprints:
    The road to my heart is paved with pawprints.

    Who Rescued Whom?

    My Best Friend or Friends:
    My best friend has four legs
    My best friends have four legs

    I Love My Rescue

    I Love My Rescues

    Cats (in heart)

    My Cat (in heart)

    My Cats (in heart)

    I Love My Cat

    I Love My Cats

    I Love My Mutt

    I Love My Mutts

    Bow Wow


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