Graphic Designers Love Ampersands

Have you ever been around a graphic designer?

If you have, you've probably heard words like "Pantone," "kerning," and "leading." And they've probably gotten overly excited talking about different types of papers, and fonts, and Macs – and of course, how much they loathe Comic Sans. Yes, graphic designers are definitely a passionate group.

I Love Ampersands & Typography Glass Charm Bracelet


I've been a graphic designer for almost 20 years, and it's amazing when I'm with a group of people, and there's another designer, we'll get talking about projects, and Instagram, and popular colors, and did you see so-and-so's new logo, and can you believe how they kerned the letters on that billboard, and... oh look, everyone else in the group has left.

Ampersand decor

Designers love type.

Just ask one, "What's your favorite font?"

More than likely, they'll say, "Oh, I just love slab serifs. But I also love the lowercase 'g' in Garamond, and the capital 'A' and 'E' in Futura, and the x-height of Bodoni is beautiful..." (Don't even get me started on Helvetica!)

I have type all over my house. Most people decorate with pictures of their kids and knick-knacks. I have a large collection of "A"s (my first name is "Addie"), and "S"s (my last name initial), and ampersands on walls and shelves throughout our home. I recently purchased a beautiful ampersand at T.J. Maxx made from tin and laser-cut wood. It will look great next to my "Thinking with Type" by Ellen Lupton book. Yes, ampersands are probably designers most favorite member of any typeface. 

I've seen so many cool items with ampersands on them. Recently, a speaker in our local Ad Club had ampersand earrings (I need to get some of those!), which leads me to a charm bracelet that I designed for our ScriptCharms shop that features ampersands in eight different fonts. It's the perfect gift for your favorite graphic designer, type designer, typophile or lover of fonts. 

I Love Ampersands Charm Bracelet

This beautiful silver colored metal and glass charm bracelet features eight charms, each with a beautiful ampersand, in a variety of typefaces. Choose from either a white or a neutral, multi-color background.

I Love Ampersands & Typography Charm Bracelet for designers

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